My Story

Everyone has a story to tell and mine started the day I picked up the camera.

My name is Musa Bwanali and I am a photographer, well a story teller too. I’ve been pursuing my passion for four years (on and off, I had an affair with my studies at some point) but I’ve decided to be more faithful this time around.

Where you see flaws I see strength, where you see scars I see memories. Every freckle is just where it needs to be and you can stop worrying about being photogenic because when the light falls on you at the perfect angle, nothing compares to the way you glow. Tear and smiles, I am happy to capture it all.

Not only do I get to help people tell their stories through images but each photography session is an opportunity for friendship, interaction, comfort or just lending an ear. So if you’re ever looking for someone to help you tell or share your story, if you want more than just a photographer, call me. I’m not one to make promises but I assure you that it will be the best 20 minute or 4-hour hangout you’ll ever experience.

Let’s make, tell and share our stories.

the face behind the camera

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